Evergreen Valley College


Evergreen Valley College received a grant for the Mother-Daughter STEM Program. We are excited to offer this program to our community while encouraging students a head start on achieving their educational goals and developing strong women of the future. Students, Mother and Daughter, can receive credit for the classes. Mothers have an option to take the class as non-credit too.

NOTE: Although this is a Mother-Daughter STEM program, the program does allow male students to take any of the three business courses in the program but their mothers are not free.

Program Highlights:

-FREE credit-granting course

-4 cohorts; Computer and Information Technology, Women in Technology, Introduction to Astronomy, and Forensic Biology

-Classes run from February 11, to May 20, 2017

-Classes meet on Saturdays; 9AM- 2PM

-Students can receive 3 units per class (3 Evergreen College Credits = 10 high school credits)

-Books are free, one book per Mother and Daughter

-Parking is free

How do I register?

Download and complete the two applications below: Be sure to enter your email address in the EVC application. This is how the college will contact you with information about the program and directions on where to meet on the first day. Turn in both applications to Ms. Fernandez, school counselor.


R-40 Counselor High School Form.pdf

For more information contact your school counselor: Ms. Fernandez, fernandezmar@esuhsd.org or 347-7686. Students, to see your counselor, come to the front office and make an appointment.