Work Permits

Obtain Your Work permit

Work Permit Application Instructions:

Print work permit application. The original application with original signatures must be turned in to the school; not faxed or emailed.

STUDENT: complete the Student section

  • Print information so we can read it.

  • Social Security number MUST be filled out

  • Home phone number is the Parent/Guardian’s phone number; not student’s

PARENT/GUARDIAN: Parent/guardian must sign and date in their section

EMPLOYER: Both sections must be filled out by the EMPLOYER, not student.

  • Information must be legible so that we can read it.

  • Employer must sign and date.

After all the above is completed, email Ms. Cyndie Meagher that you have a work permit application that needs to be processed ( She will email you with a date and time she will be available to meet you at Calero HS to process your application.

Please include your cell number in the email so Ms. Cyndie can call you if needed.