About Us

 Calero High School is an alternative school of choice. We are not a continuation high school. 

Calero High School offers a comprehensive, college prep education (A-G curriculum) in a nurturing, small school learning environment. We provide opportunities for credit recovery, career pathways and college readiness. 

Located in South San Jose at 420 Calero Ave., San Jose, CA 95123, Calero is a small alternative high school of choice targeting students who have not found success at a large comprehensive high school. 


At Calero High School, we believe that ALL students should graduate prepared for college and careers in a global society.  The educational program at Calero is focused on collaborative learning in both classroom and online environments to provide an innovative and tailored learning experience for students.  Students will access all the courses required to both graduate and gain admission to universities.  Calero's student population is small, serving 320  students ( in both high school and Adult Transition Program)  with access to a personal and supportive learning structure.  Each student will have access to a personal computer and learn to use technology as a 21st century tool for learning, communicating, organizing, collaborating, and presenting.  

At Calero, we believe parents/guardians are an integral part of the educational process and promote both communication and partnerships between parents and staff.  Calero will service students in grades 10-12.


What makes Calero special?

What constitutes an eligible student?  Calero High School services 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are deficient in credits. 


Will transportation be provided?  Students are expected to find their own transportation to school.  Calero is conveniently located close to both light rail and city bus transit.


Can I attend Calero for a year and transfer back to my home school?  Yes, however 98% of Calero students stay and graduate at Calero.


Are there school sports teams at Calero or can I participate at my home school for sports?  Students attending Calero are able to participate on sports teams at their home school.  Please contact your home school for schedules, tryout and eligibility information. 


If you are interested in applying for your student to attend Calero, please complete a Calero application online.  The application is found here.   application link

What does the data tell us thus far?

Calero Data 2013-19