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A transcript can be requested in person, or by U.S. Mail.

  • A Transcript Request form MUST be filled out with original signature

  • The Transcript Request can be picked up in the Front Office OR on the Calero High School website under “Departments/Registrar”

  • At this time, there is NO FEE charged. This is subject to change in the future

  • Allow 3 business days from the time we receive the request for it to be mailed out. We will always try to do it quicker than 3 days

  • Office hours: Monday – Thursday, 8am – 3pm

  • Always provide a phone number and email in case we need to contact you with questions

  • You must supply full name of college or employer that you need the transcript sent to, with full address/phone information and who to make it attention to. Please don’t assume that we will know where you want it sent or which department you need it sent to.

  • Incomplete request forms can delay your request

If you have questions about the process, please call our Registrar, Ms. Cyndie Meagher at (408) 347-7612, or email her at:

Download the Transcript Request form via the link to the left.