Our Mission, Culture & Promise


Calero's mission is to support students to recover credits, help them build success habits, and plan for a successful future. Everything we do at Calero is directed by our mission.

  • Credit Recovery

    • Calero provides multiple avenues for students to recover credits including Cyberhigh, Adult Education at nearby campuses, community college courses online and on site.

      • Every student recovers credits online during their Cyberhigh class.

      • Calero offers summer school courses

  • Building Success Habits

    • Calero students have two things in common: they all have ability yet they are under-performing. The Advisory program is the place students begin to reflect on the habits/practices that are keeping them from being successful.

      • Every new student is invited to attend our Summer Bridge Program

      • Every student at Calero receives a Success Binder

  • Prepare for College and Careers

    • Calero provides students with a plan for their future. Their first task is to recover credits, pass all of their A-G courses with an A,B. or C, and then the world starts to open up for them with online college courses, SVCTE opportunities, and more.

      • Calero schedules fall and spring college field trips for all grade levels

      • Calero has an academic counselor who works to ensure students are on track to graduate and ready for college and careers.

      • Calero's default student schedule is A-G.


At Calero we teach, model and celebrate our 3R's: Respect, Responsibility, Results

  • The foundation of all healthy relationships is respect.

    • Respect starts with respect for self, for others, and for our environment.

  • We accept the premise that we cannot have freedom without accepting responsibility.

    • When students accept responsibility for themselves they become empowered, their self-esteem is nourished, and every dream becomes possible.

  • We are a results oriented school and celebrate individual and group success.


Calero's Three Promises to Parents/Guardians: Safety, Love, Growth

  • Your child will be safe at Calero.

    • There is nothing more important than the safety of your child. You have got to know that, however your child gets to Calero, your son/daughter will be safe.

    • Safety is our primary responsibility and concern and we take it seriously.

    • Please help us by partnering with us and staying connected.

      • Two things you can do to support School Safety are:

        • Registering for Remind

        • Calling the attendance office if your child is late or ill

  • Your child will be loved at Calero.

    • We seek out and recruit staff who really love young adults first, their subject matter second.

    • We see a human being first, a student second.

  • Your child will grow at Calero.

    • Where ever your son/daughter is at the moment they enter Calero, our promise is to support their personal (social/emotional) and academic growth.